Me, taking the plunge!

Me, taking the plunge!

Okay, Here It Goes!

Hey everybody! I’m taking the plunge. This is my very first blog post, on my very first blog. Holding too steadfast to the image of being the old fogey who walked 10 miles to school barefoot (in the snow, no less!) has made me feel too old and too out of touch. I’m really not that old, but I do remember the time before cell phones and personal computing, and the World Wide Web. Let’s just say I’m a child of the 80s, and I pegged my jeans when I was in high school. If you don’t know what that is, maybe google will have the answer for you; I don’t want to relive that era, at least not until it comes fully back in style.

So I’m starting this blog, mainly to prove to myself that the most successful part of writing is just doing it; I’ve procrastinated too long. My mother always wanted to be a writer, and I’ve had a wish to share her dream for some time now. Another goal of this blog is to make true my dream to become as self sufficient as possible, and setup a “cottage life” for myself. The details are still undefined, but in loose form, my cottage life would not be dictated by a routine 9 to 5 job, but be defined by more creative endeavors. And in some magic way, this cottage life would financially provide for me.

I know it’s a long-term goal, but if I don’t start right now today, it will never happen. So this is my first baby step. Wish me luck and I hope you’ll share at least a part of journey with me, and we’ll both learn something a long the way.



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