Recycled cork table

Here’s an impromptu project that was so easy; it took only about a half hour using some wine corks (which I perpetually save) and some rearranging. After enjoying a nice bottle of wine, I always toss the spent cork into some glass containers and vases, and for the longest time I was content with displaying them like that.

cork vaseI had these cork-filled vases sitting on a table I made using an old divided window. I had placed a sheet of glass over the entire window to make a smooth top, which left a gap between the original window panes and the new plate glass. I got the idea to remove the top, and arrange the cork inside the panes, between the layers of glass. Presto! I think the results are very cool. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. It’s a nice change for displaying used cork; I hate to throw them away!

When I had the corks in the vases, it looked like a had a lot, but after spreading them out, I didn’t have quite enough from the vases, so I had to take apart some trivets I had made with corks. I can always make some more. These were another easy project using corks that I stood up vertically and cinched them with a metal gasket from the home improvement store. Very industrial looking.


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