Mojito: my newfound summertime drink

I had always heard of mojitos, but I never paid much mind until I planted some mint early this summer and now I have to figure out a use for it all!

Mint planter

I remembered the basic recipe, and I searched for the exact proportions; but made my own slight modifications to suit. Here’s the recipe I settled on:

Assemble in a highball glass:

  • Six to eight mint leaves (depending on size, and larger ones I tear in half)
  • a small squirt of agave (recipes call for sugar, which I would use, but agave dissolves so much better in drinks)
  • a large slice of lime, squeezed and rubbed around the rim of the glass

The next step is to “muddle” the leaves and sweetener together. This breaks down the mint leaves and releases the flavor.  You could buy a special wooden muddler, which is a small baseball bat shaped stick, about 8″ long. But I just use an olive-wood spatula, or you could use the end of a wooden spoon.

After muddling, add:

  • a shot and a half of Barcadi Rum ( I don’t measure in ounces, but it’s probably about 1.5 oz)
  • Fill the highball glass with ice, and top with tonic water (most recipes call for soda water, but I have a long affinity for gin and tonic, so tonic is readily available in my house). I also like the more bitter taste of tonic rather than soda water.

My completed Mojito, ready to enjoy!

And that’s it! A perfect summertime drink, especially if you’re growing mint. I wonder what a variation with basil would taste like? If you have any cocktail recipes featuring basil, or any other herbs, please let me know!



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