Custom cabinets at a discount!

Maybe these cabinets weren’t perfect for someone else, but they’ll do just fine for me !

If you’re into home improvement and one of your favorite hangouts is Lowe’s or Home Depot, then I hope you’re familiar with the discount markdown section of your local home improvement store.

I’m usually at my local Lowe’s store several times a week, and I know just where they put markdowns and discounted items, including special order returns. That’s where somebody spent a lot of extra money to have a custom size, color, or manufactured item ordered. In most cases it works out, and the customer is happy. But if they’re not happy, and return it to the store, well then that might make you happy instead! That’s how I recently got the cabinets for my studio.

lowes cabinets for studio

The original price for these three cabinets were over $1,200 dollars.  Because they were a special order return I scored all three for just over $330! That’s as much as I’d pay for builder-grade white laminate cabinets. But these are solid wood doors with a warm brown/red finish, and some interesting knots and wood grain. They’ll definitely add some character to the studio. It looked like someone might have tried to install them, because some of the back was cut out…but those are so minor and an easy fix. You won’t see those areas anyway once they are installed.


Dovetailed drawers and soft-closing hinges!

So if you don’t know where your local home improvement store puts their markdowns and returned items, you’d be well advised to ask. Or just become a frequent visitor, and check out the back corners and center aisles of the store.

Happy shopping. Let me know what bargains you find!



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