Reproduction Tiffany Lamps

Homestyle Charlie builds reproduction Tiffany stained glass lamps for your home. These heirloom quality investment pieces are also perfect for very special gift occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or housewarmings.

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Spider Lamp

How is a Homestyle Charlie reproduction Tiffany lamp different from a Tiffany Studios original?

Our much sought-after reproduction lamps are made in a different place and time, but in most instances they are more similar than different from an original Tiffany lamp.

A Homestyle Charlie reproduction Tiffany lamp is…

  • constructed by hand using the same copper foil assembly method developed and used by Tiffany Studios.
  • formed using individual pieces of glass, shaped over molds created from original Tiffany lamps.
  • individually selected, cut, and prepared from the same glass foundries that existed in the time of Louis C. Tiffany, using historical glass formulas.
  • made in the USA, from American glass and metal parts.

spider_patina-detailsAnd Homestyle Charlie uses the same patina that Tiffany Studios developed. Mastering this distinct patina requires multiple applications, taking close to a month for the patina stage alone. This is an essential step that most “reproductions” do not even bother to try to replicate.

As a finishing touch, our stained glass lamp shades are paired with solid brass reproduction bases that match original Tiffany Studio lamp bases. Tiffany usually paired specific bases to certain shade designs, and we follow Tiffany’s direction in pairing bases with shades, making a lamp/shade set that is as authentic as possible.


Lesser quality lamps will show an obvious lack of attention to these details, using inferior glass and metal components.

Homestyle Charlie is uncompromising in the details, and committed to creating works of art on a par with the originals.